BISCO provides the complete T & I Support by providing experienced inspection personnel like

  • Inspection Engineers
  • API Inspectors
  • Plant Inspectors (Static & Rotatic)
  • QA/QC Inspectors
  • Welding Inspectors
  • Coating & Painting Inspectors
  • Level III Consultancy
  • Multi- Discipline NDT Technicians

Pre-Turnaround Work: The planning of the turnaround is one of the most important steps in having successful turnaround. The BISCO has an experienced team of inspectors and planners to assist the client in the planning stage. We stall all inspection craft necessary to plan any size turnaround.
The next step in a successful turnaround is having certified and knowledgeable inspectors. The BISCO provided these key personnel on every job. We staff inspectors with API, AWS, and ASNT certifications. This allows a “one-stop shop” for the client and reduces cost and time spent on acquiring outside resources.

Post-Turnaround Work: The final and major step for any successful turnaround is the post-around work and documentation. The BISCO provided the client with the resources necessary to ensure all inspection activities are they properly updated and documented as per API 510 & API 570. We can assist in Pre-Startup Audits, updating existing mechanical integrity programs, participating in post-turnaround reviews.

Welding Inspection / Supervision

The majority of larger clients employ welding inspectors on a full time basis but require from time to time during larger pipeline or plant construction qualifies welding inspectors.
The inspectors who are employed by BISCO and contracted to our clients are qualified to A.W.S., C.S.W.I.P., or British Gas (E.R.S) the services they provide onsite are numerous, ensuring contractual specifications are adhered to, welder qualification tests, producing welding procedures, interpretation of X or Gamma ray radiographs, monitoring welding on pipeline barges and various other tasks.

NDT Level III Services

Whenever any type of NDT is required, BISCO NDT Level III’s can help you feel secure that it is being performed correctly. Our personnel are ready to travel worldwide to wherever required. Our Level III engineer is highly qualified having an ASME Level III certificate for the various NDT methods including PT , MT, RT , UT , ET ,VT etc..

Training & Consultancy

BISCO offers NDT training courses & consultancy Services. BISCO offers NDT Level III Consultancy for NDT procedure preparation, Review & Approval, ASME Audits etc. Also our Professional instructor share their knowledge which complies with international standards such as ASNT, API, AWS,ASME , ASTM,etc. BISCO offers NDT Level I & Level II Training & Certification courses in following methods.

1) Ultrasonic testing
2) Magnetic particle testing
3) Radiography testing
4) Visual Testing
5) Penetrant testing
6) Eddy current Testing