“We at BISCO Integrated Services Corp are committed to achieve highest customer satisfaction by providing the Best, Satisfactory and Quality Services at competitive price to our clients”.

Our efforts shall be to:

  • Be a leader in continuously enhancing the Quality of the service by implementing advanced technology and value added expertise Engineering methods in current endeavours.
  • Comply with all the applicable legal, Customer and other requirements related to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality of Products or Services.

This shall be achieved through technological Upgradation, strict monitoring, stringent process controls through team work and review of Quality management systems with utmost concern.

BISCO operates a Quality Management System that implements the management of the Company Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental policies. The aim is to maintain and continuously improve the performance of the Company and to promote a safe working environment for all Company and contracted personnel.

The Company’s Quality Management System is based on established principles of organization, planning, execution, reporting, review of performance, feedback of experience and independent verification of the work, including the application of continuous improvement. The purpose of the Quality Management System is to have the management organization structured and operate in such a way as to ensure that the principle and aims of the Company Policy are practiced. This is achieved by visible and active leadership by management to motivate and secure the involvement and participation of all employees. The agreed continuous improvement programs promoted within the Company, specify the goals and address the effectiveness of the Company’s management and operational activities.

BISCO Number One Ethic is the safety, health and well being of its employees, Contractors, Customers and the public. BISCO will never knowingly endanger people or pollute the environment. BISCO will foster an atmosphere that focuses on prevention of accident and protection of the environment. Safety will never be comprised.