BISCO provides our clients with the surveying edge throughout the project cycle by combining traditional surveying techniques with advanced surveying technology. Our surveying crews are equipped with state of the art Real Time Kinematic (RTK), Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, and conventional equipment for data collection. Professional staff and the latest in technology enable us to provide increased productivity and innovative solutions for clients.

Our services include:

+ Construction Staking and Building Layout

+ Digital Leveling

+ Boundary Surveys

+ Lot Surveys

+ Topographical Mapping

+ Subdivision (single family, multi-family, commercial)

+ Site Planning and Layout

+ Aerial Mapping Ground Control

+ Computer Aided Design (CADD)

+ Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Static networks

+ GPS – Real time stakeout and data collection

+ As Built Mapping

+ Condominium Mapping

+ Improvements Surveys

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