Ultrasonic Testing


Ultrasonic Testing

BISCO Provides Ultrasonic Shear wave inspection to inspect the welds of piping, pressure vessels & other process equipment’s on the construction projects & process plants. We also offer Ultrasonic Longitudinal wave inspection to perform thickness measurements & corrosion scanning & mapping on the plant piping & pressure vessels as per API 510 & API 570.


+ High penetration power, allowing for flaw detection deep within a part

+ High sensitivity, allowing for the detection of very small flaws

+ Can be used to test when only one side of an object is accessible

+ Greater accuracy, when compared to other non-destructive testing methods, for determining depth of internal flaws and the thickness of parts with parallel surfaces

+ Able to estimate size, shape, orientation and nature of defects

+ Able to estimate alloy structures of components with differing acoustic properties

+ Non-hazardous to nearby personnel, equipment or materials

+ Highly automated and portable operations possible

+ Immediate results can be obtained, allowing for immediate decisions to be made

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